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Virtual Counselling

There are so many reasons someone may prefer or need to meet virtually. That's why we offer virtual therapy to clients across Canada. 

Laptop on a desk. Scenic Route Psychology is the perfect practice for offering virtual therapy affordably and accessibly.

Therapy from the comfort of your home...

You may benefit from virtual therapy if: 

You live in a community where there are no therapists.

You experience chronic pain or mobility impacting symptoms.

You have some anxiety about entering a new physical place.

You have a busy schedule and find it hard to make appointments.

The therapists in your area can't meet your individual needs.

You travel around for work and can't commit to in person.

You prefer to stay in the comfort and coziness of your home.

You want to do therapy in your pyjamas or house clothes!



In most ways virtual therapy is just like in person therapy; the main difference is that we're both on screens instead of being in the same office together!


The first step is exactly the same as in person, you will book an appointment (or consultation) using our online booking system. When your appointment time arrives you'll login to that same booking system and enter the meeting room where we will connect for 55 minutes. As with in-person therapy everything we discuss is confidential and protected.

"Your journey to healing starts with the courage to seek help"

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